How I Got my Agent

I remember reading approximately three thousand "How I Got my Agent" posts while querying. Reading them made me feel so much less alone and more hopeful, so here's my contribution to the genre. Baby Author + Baby Three years ago, and shortly after my son turned one, I decided I needed to do something empowering … Continue reading How I Got my Agent


Update and Getting Motivated

  No matter what book on writing you read, every author emphasizes routine as a way to free creativity.  Making writing a habit makes the muse want to come out and dance a bit.  It's not that I doubted the truth of this statement, but I gave myself so many excuses to not make time … Continue reading Update and Getting Motivated

Planning a Writing Staycation

In real life, in my real job, I have no classes to teach next week, no papers to grade, and no office hours to attend, but I still have day care for my kids and I intend to make the most of it (on at least a few of the days-- have to enjoy my … Continue reading Planning a Writing Staycation


Taking Notes

I hate those moments when I'm out walking, or washing the dishes, or doing my day job and an idea hits with no pen and paper handy.  I try to carry the idea with me until I can get to a notebook, feeling like a debutante balancing a dictionary on her head. Worse are the … Continue reading Taking Notes