Mother’s Day

#RobinWatch2017 has reached its halfway point. The robins on our porch finally hatched, and the past week my kids and I have peeked into the nest every day to see the changes. This video is the robin babies at just a few hours old, peep-peeping away. They're much cuter now with fuller feathers and more … Continue reading Mother’s Day


My Year and a Half Facebook Free

Let me ruin the end of this story for you: I rejoined Facebook today after leaving it in January of 2015. You could think of this as my coming-to-terms with this decision and all its time-sucking, FOMO implications. Why I Left The Eye of Sauron seems the most fitting comparison to my past relationship with … Continue reading My Year and a Half Facebook Free

Six Ways to Celebrate Social Media

  Social media is half most people’s social lives. 65% of Americans use social media in 2015 versus just 7% ten years ago.  Likes, followers, retweets, and blog entries are so important to us that it’s easy to take them for granted. National Social Media day is June 30, so here are six ways to … Continue reading Six Ways to Celebrate Social Media