May Wrap-Up

Reading Life Books read in May: 15 Books for Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month: 3 ARCs read/reviewed this month: 4 Letters Left for ABC Reading Challenge:  3 (Q, X, Z). Still open to recommendations for books with titles that start with those letters! Post in the comments if you have some good ones. Books that made me … Continue reading May Wrap-Up


Mother’s Day

#RobinWatch2017 has reached its halfway point. The robins on our porch finally hatched, and the past week my kids and I have peeked into the nest every day to see the changes. This video is the robin babies at just a few hours old, peep-peeping away. They're much cuter now with fuller feathers and more … Continue reading Mother’s Day

Adulting the Heck out of It

My son is obsessed with numbers lately, and he's started to ask people's ages. He knows he is three, his sister is one, and when he asks me my age I simply say, "I'm an adult." "I'm an adult, too," he squeaks. Someday, kiddo. It's roughly ten AM and this morning I have already adulted … Continue reading Adulting the Heck out of It