Smells like Home

  Scent is a funny thing. When we're immersed in something-- all day, every day-- we don't sense it any more. One of my first jobs was at a sandwich restaurant chain. When I was at the restaurant, elbow deep in cold cuts, I never noticed the smell. I never smelled it until I was home. … Continue reading Smells like Home


Five Tens

I'm at ten books read so far this year, and those ten have already dragged me through the dirt a bit. The Sellout made me gasp--the audiobook is worth every penny. We Eat Our Own by Kea Wilson was a stunning debut; her prose sings. Just finished The Fifth Season for Litsy Feminist Bookclub and it may be the … Continue reading Five Tens

Forging a Successful Beta-Reader Relationship

So, you've written something and stared at it for hours. You've done whatever spit polishing you can with it, but it needs a fresh eye. You need a beta-reader, or a beta. You can even just call them B.A.s if you want to, because they are bad-asses, at least the best ones are. How do … Continue reading Forging a Successful Beta-Reader Relationship


Writing: Accepting an Invitation No One Sent

It's so easy not to do something. Don't want me to play with fire? Ta-da. I just didn't play with fire right then, so you're welcome. It's also easy not to work out, as proven by my low step-count totals for the past few days. Even more than avoiding something stupid or skipping the gym, … Continue reading Writing: Accepting an Invitation No One Sent