Litsy Lemonade Interview: Stacie from The Next Book

Stacie C. So pleased to welcome the book blogger from The Next Book on My List! Stacie has been chronicling her book journey since 2013 and is one of the must-follows on Litsy (TheNextBook). Per her picture above, you can tell she's a Gryffindor, and her TBR is worth following... How did you get into … Continue reading Litsy Lemonade Interview: Stacie from The Next Book


Litsy Lemonade Interview: Cam Montgomery

Continuing the series of fabulous bloggers, inspired by the Litsy Feminist Bookclub reading of Americanah, we are lucky to have Cam Montgomery with us today! For the earlier links for interviews in the series, see the last post, here. Cam Montgomery Cam (you may recognize her as @CandiceAmanda on Twitter) is a YA Romance writer … Continue reading Litsy Lemonade Interview: Cam Montgomery

Litsy Lemonade Interview: Antoinette Scully

So excited to be back with another great interview for our series for Americanah. If you missed the first two interviews in the series (and the explanation of the Lemonade Syllabus project, see these two posts-- first and second) Antoinette Scully     Today, I'm lucky enough to hear from the awesome blogger behind Black … Continue reading Litsy Lemonade Interview: Antoinette Scully


Litsy Lemonade Interview: Camryn Garrett

This blog post is the second in a month-long series for the Litsy Feminist Bookclub's goal to read through the Lemonade Syllabus (see Justina's post here, if you missed it!) Our first book comes from the top of the fiction list, Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.  We’ll be reading this book through Oct. 15 and … Continue reading Litsy Lemonade Interview: Camryn Garrett


Litsy Lemonade Interview: Justina Ireland

Lemonade Syllabus I am so excited to start this feature of the blog. If you're on Litsy, you may have joined the Litsy Feminist Bookclub which is reading its way through the Lemonade Syllabus. Inspired by Beyonce's project, the Syllabus was compiled by Candice Benbow and many other scholars to celebrate black womanhood in fiction, … Continue reading Litsy Lemonade Interview: Justina Ireland


Review: Hag-Seed

The Review: For the record, I am a bigger Shakespeare fan than the average person, so perhaps Margaret Atwood's upcoming book, Hag-Seed hits closer to my target than many. This is a clever little novel. Like most Hogarth Shakespeare books, it's brief read and a modern retelling. Felix is unseated from his role as director … Continue reading Review: Hag-Seed