“Harmony” Review

Review of Carolyn Parkhurt's novel Harmony Release: 8/2/16


My Year and a Half Facebook Free

Let me ruin the end of this story for you: I rejoined Facebook today after leaving it in January of 2015. You could think of this as my coming-to-terms with this decision and all its time-sucking, FOMO implications. Why I Left The Eye of Sauron seems the most fitting comparison to my past relationship with … Continue reading My Year and a Half Facebook Free

Querying Trenches and Community

It's dirty down here, here in the trenches. Mostly, it's dirty with coffee grounds and crumbs from that roll of Caramel Delights you ate while rewriting your query letter for the thirtieth time. I've been doing something lately that makes me feel the smallest ounce better, and maybe it will for you, too. I've been … Continue reading Querying Trenches and Community