Editing and Training

I built a box around myself at around age fourteen that said, "Not an Athlete." I didn't look like the athletes I saw around me. I didn't have thigh gap. I couldn't run a mile without panting. I was the girl who got the gym class exemption in high school, opting out of phys ed … Continue reading Editing and Training


Six Ways to Celebrate Social Media

  Social media is half most people’s social lives. 65% of Americans use social media in 2015 versus just 7% ten years ago.  Likes, followers, retweets, and blog entries are so important to us that it’s easy to take them for granted. National Social Media day is June 30, so here are six ways to … Continue reading Six Ways to Celebrate Social Media

#pitmad- No Reason to Get Mad about Pitches

The next #pitmad event is coming up on Thursday from 8AM- 8PM EST. Never participated before? Well, first things first-- read the link above. Done that? Okay. Double check that you meet all of the key qualifications: Is your manuscript completed? When you get a request for that awesome project that you're only 1/3 done with, … Continue reading #pitmad- No Reason to Get Mad about Pitches