Why be bored?

This is about writing, so stay with me here... I'm Catholic and we just finished the season of Lent.  Lent is supposed to be a time of self-denial and people give up all sorts of things: meat, candy, beer, Facebook, etc.  This year I looked at my life and tried to see what was distracting … Continue reading Why be bored?


Update and Getting Motivated

  No matter what book on writing you read, every author emphasizes routine as a way to free creativity.  Making writing a habit makes the muse want to come out and dance a bit.  It's not that I doubted the truth of this statement, but I gave myself so many excuses to not make time … Continue reading Update and Getting Motivated

Grab the Comics, Willya?

I learned how to read from the comics page.  My father would sit me next to him on the couch after work and read the strips with me, top to bottom (even the ones I just didn't get, like Doonesbury.)  My first big collection was Garfield.  I started asking for them for birthdays and Christmases … Continue reading Grab the Comics, Willya?